A woman enjoys a shower of water from above and strokes her hair back.

Shower Vichy Supérieure: Horizontal shower
from the Avantgarde design line

Vichy shower Supérieure is a comfortable horizontal shower
In addition to the free-standing variant, there is also a wall-mounted version
Ergonomic couch has a comfortable mattress and ergonoic armrests
The shower arm can be swiveled, shower arm and lounger fit perfectly together
The ergonomically shaped shower heads facilitate the work of the staff

Product features

Excellent treatment quality
Thanks to the oscillating jet nozzles in the 5 fixed shower heads and 2 optional, movable shower heads, the Avantgarde Vichy Supérieure shower offers both a uniform and dynamic shower effect.

Easy handling
Due to the oval shape, the shower heads of the Vichy Supérieure shower are easy to handle even with wet hands. This offers the staff maximum comfort.

Maximum safety
The ergonomic lying surface and lowered armrests allow the person being treated to adopt a relaxed shoulder and back posture to guarantee their safety.

Hygiene made simple
The smooth surface of the Avantgarde Vichy Supérieure shower prevents the build-up of deposits and is easy to wipe with disinfectant, as is the removable mattress. Safe hygiene is thus guaranteed.

In addition to top quality components of the highest quality standards, special components for healing water and salt water are installed in the Avantgarde Vichy Supérieure shower. This guarantees low maintenance requirements and a long service life.

Attractive design
The timeless design of the Avantgarde Vichy Supérieure shower with its clear, elegant lines blends easily into your interior design.

Excellent shower treatments for therapy and wellness

The shower Vichy Supérieure is perfectly suited to the traditional Vichy treatments. Lowered armrests and an opening for the head allow the user to lie in a comfortable position. The intensity of the five shower heads can be adjusted individually or turned off. Due to their oval shape, they are easy to handle even with wet hands. The unobtrusive splash guard for the face can be adjusted as required and removed for cleaning. The elegant and dynamic design perfectly showcases the Vichy Supérieure shower and can be easily integrated into treatment rooms.

Area of application
Spa/ wellness, thalassotherapy, medical spa, therapy/ thermal bath

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