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A Brief Introduction to Our Company.

A family business with tradition since 1869.

Mission statement

Treatment quality

Providing premium treatment quality is what spurs us on to achieve outstanding results each day. From spa customers to burn patients, it is important that our products contribute to their health and well-being by providing the best possible treatment quality.

We stand for sophisticated technical solutions and product variety. All our equipment is perfectly suited to the special requirements of the various applications and provides the utmost comfort.

A woman sits relaxed on the edge of a bathtub, back to the camera

Functionality and design

Our product functionality ensures easy handling and a wide variety of treatments, offering the user a high degree of comfort. All products have been tested in everyday practice and are easy to handle, keeping the focus on the therapeutic treatment and well-being of the patient. The functionality is characterised by a further attribute: longevity.

The attractive designs catch the eye and are subtle and elegant at the same time. Our products skilfully enhance your treatment room yet still offer great freedom with your interior design.

Bathtub for underwater massage from the design line Avantgarde


Regionality is of great importance to us: we develop and produce all our products at our company headquarters in the spa town of Baden-Baden. Working in close cooperation with physicians, therapists, and our customers, we continuously adapt the function and design of our products to changing requirements.

Regional production and satisfied customers around the world encourage us to remain resolutely focused on product optimisation and quality.

Family tradition

We are a company with a family tradition that dates back to 1869. As early as the end of the 19th century, Unbescheiden was equipping spas and sanatoriums all over Europe with sanitary technology and thermal water treatment equipment. Today the company is managed by the family’s fifth generation.

Veronika Unbescheiden with her sons Heinrich and Mark