A woman enjoys a shower of water from above and strokes her hair back.

Medyjet Evolution:
Unit for dry hydro­massage treatments

A device for water massages with a white cladding in a modern design
The stable lying surface is formed by a black rubber mat.
Under lying surface is a massage system, hydromassage without getting wet.
The control system of the plant is mounted on a stable arm, which can be rotated and tilted.
Control is via touch screen and impresses with its intuitive operation.

Product features

Excellent treatment quality
The various programmes allow different massage intensities and durations to be set for each body zone during treatment. A personalised treatment with optimal therapeutic results is therefore guaranteed by the Medyjet Evolution.

Easy handling
The touchscreen with menu-driven operator guidance ensures all interactive options with the Avantgarde Medyjet Evolution are simple, self-explanatory and can be individually set by the end user or specialist staff.

Hygiene made simple
Since the Avantgarde Medyjet Evolution offers a dry treatment, it can be cleaned quickly and efficiently. Simply wiping with disinfectant is sufficient to ensure compliance with hygiene.

The Avantgarde Medyjet Evolution has top quality components that are installed according to the highest quality standards. This guarantees low maintenance requirements and a long service life.

Attractive design
The timeless design of the Medyjet Evolution with its clear, elegant lines blends easily into your interior design. The control panel can also be mounted on the left instead of the right if preferred.

The new definition of dry hydro massage

The Medyjet Evolution dry hydro massage bed offers a wide variety of individual treatment options.

During the treatment, the customer lies on a comfortable surface made of natural rubber, which is stretched over a tub filled with pleasantly heated water. Water nozzles placed below the cover and along the customer’s body provide a relaxing massage. As there is no direct contact with the water, the customer can be treated fully clothed. This makes it easy to administer treatments with the Medyjet Evolution. The Medyjet Evolution thus offers highly effective and efficient treatments.

All massage parameters can be easily set and adjusted on a clear, intuitive touchscreen. An NFC card system allows it to be operated with credit and program cards.


Area of application
Spa/wellness, thalassotherapy, medical spa, therapy/ thermal bath, health resort/ rehabilitation, fitness, physiotherapy, orthopaedics

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