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arm and leg baths

The four-cell bath has eleltrodes for hydroelectric baths.
The arm consoles of the four-cell bath can be swiveled, and the control unit is located in the center.
Control and programming is intuitive and menu-driven.
The arm bath is designed for automatically controlled arm whirlpools.
The foot bath offers automatically controlled jet whirlpools

Product features

Top treatment quality
The arm and leg baths offer a large selection of therapeutic options depending on the system’s equipment. If desired, the therapist can personalise the treatment process and thus achieve optimal therapeutic results.

Maximum safety
The arm and leg baths guarantee maximum safety with their well thought-out details and accessories, such as the ergonomic stool, swivelling arm baths, and rollers or gliders for rotating the baths. The low height of the foot baths makes it easier to get in and out.

Hygiene made simple
The arm and leg baths offer maximum convenience when cleaning. Automatic rinsing and disinfection programmes ensure the entire pipe and pump system is thoroughly cleaned. The smooth surface of the tub can be easily wiped with disinfectant to ensure good hygiene.

Easy handling
Handling the arm and leg baths is easy and intuitive thanks to the control panel with clear and self-explanatory symbols on the function keys. Systems for hydroelectric treatments have LED displays with menu-driven operator guidance, preset programmes, and individual setting options.

The arm and leg baths consist of top quality components that are installed according to the highest quality standards. This guarantees low maintenance requirements and a long service life.

The full spectrum of classical hydrotherapy

Unbescheiden has the right equipment for all common hydrotherapeutic treatments: including electrogalvanic arm and leg baths, thermal jet contrast baths and jet whirlpool baths, foot baths, therapeutic sitz baths, as well as Kneipp and Hauff arm and leg baths. Automatic control functions make the therapist’s work easier: in the four-cell baths, for example, the hydroelectric treatments are automatically controlled by eight different types of current. The clear display with rotary wheel makes handling easy. What’s more, they come with 12 pre-installed programmes.

Area of application
Therapy/ thermal bath, health resort/ rehabilitation

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