A woman enjoys a shower of water from above and strokes her hair back.

Horizontal shower Vichy Classic

Vichy shower Classic has a simple shower arm and ergono bed
The faucet panel on the wall controls water flow and temperature

Product features

Excellent treatment quality
The Vichy Classic shower has optimally aligned shower heads. This guarantees a complete full-body shower, providing the best conditions for an excellent treatment.

Easy handling
The nozzles of the Vichy Classic shower can be adjusted separately. The shower can thus be easily adapted to the individual body zones.

Easy cleaning
The smooth plastic surface and removable mattress of the Vichy Classic shower offer optimum convenience as they can be quickly and easily wiped with disinfectant.

Maximum safety
The ergonomic lying surface and lowered armrests ensure a relaxed shoulder and back posture. This offers maximum safety and a pleasant treatment with the Vichy Classic shower.

The Vichy Classic shower has robust components that are machined to high quality standards. What’s more, the technical components are easily accessible. Efficient technical support with minimal effort and a long service life is therefore guaranteed.

The Vichy Classic design is primarily based on therapeutic requirements, which give the practitioner great freedom when carrying out the treatment. The system therefore offers excellent value for money.

Therapeutic shower with every comfort

The Vichy Classic shower is suitable for hydrotherapeutic treatments as well as treatments in the spa and wellness sector. The horizontal shower comes as a complete system and includes a shower arm with five shower heads that can be regulated or shut off individually, a treatment table, mattress pad, and face protection. Lowered armrests and an ergonomically shaped headrest allow the user to lie in a comfortable position.

Area of application
Therapy/ thermal bath, health resort/ rehabilitation, medical spa

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