A woman enjoys a shower of water from above and strokes her hair back.

Shower desk for flash affusions and Kneipp applications

The jet shower offers equipment for flash showers and Kneipp applications.
The therapist can fix the jet beam in a device and treat it presisely.

Product features

Excellent treatment
The shower unit offers a wide variety of treatments with different massage hoses: the jet stream with different nozzles for high-pressure affusions, rain shower, and pouring hose for Kneipp treatments. Different types of treatments can thus be offered to achieve excellent therapeutic results.

Hygiene made simple
The shower unit guarantees simple, safe, and hygienic cleanliness. The smooth surface of the console is made of acrylic glass, which prevents the build-up of deposits and is easy to wipe clean with disinfectant.

Maximum safety
When using the jet shower, the massage hose is fixed in an articulated holder on the shower console. The jet stream can be directed in all directions via a fixed point, enabling precise treatment.

The shower unit has a large lever for switching between cold and hot water. This makes it quick and easy to set a specific water temperature. The massage pressure of the shower unit can be continuously adjusted. The therapy can be adapted at any time by communicating with the patient to ensure the ideal water pressure is applied.

Top quality components of the highest quality standards, including special elements for healing, thermal, mineral or sea water are installed in the shower unit. This guarantees low maintenance requirements and a long service life.

For professional massage and contrast showers

The stand-alone shower unit is equipped with a clear console made of high-quality acrylic glass. Integrated fixtures allow you to precisely control the temperature and quickly switch from hot to cold water. It comes equipped with a pressure regulator and a pressure and temperature gauge. A massage hose, rain shower and pouring hose are provided for different shower treatments. The unit can be used for fresh, thermal, or mineral water and can be equipped with an integrated pressure booster system. The range of therapeutic showers from Unbescheiden also includes models for flush or surface wall mounting.

Area of application
Therapy/ thermal bath, health resort/ rehabilitation, medical spa

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