A woman enjoys a shower of water from above and strokes her hair back.

Vichy Prestige: Horizontal shower
from the Spa Sensations design line

Vichy shower Prestige is a luxurious horizontal shower.
The height adjustable bed can also be used for peelings and oil massages.
The controls on the edge are provided with self-explanatory icons.
The ergonomically shaped shower heads facilitate the work of the staff
A trough at the head end optionally has a separate drain for oil

Product features

Treatment quality
The Vichy Prestige shower has a swivelling shower arm and a wide range of equipment options, such as a soap foam dispenser for Hammam massages, separate oil drain with collection container for Ayurvedic treatments, and a built-in hand shower for body peelings. This guarantees the perfect treatment.

Easy handling
The touchpad with buttons and self-explanatory symbols ensures easy handling. Due to the oval shape, the shower heads of the Vichy Supérieure shower are easy to handle even with wet hands. This offers the staff maximum comfort.

Easy cleaning
The smooth plastic surface of the Vichy Prestige shower offers optimum convenience as it can be quickly and easily wiped with disinfectant. The mattress can be removed.

Thanks to its adjustable height between 72 cm and 90 cm, the Vichy Prestige shower enables the user to get in and out safely and provides the therapist with an ergonomic working height.

The Vichy Prestige shower has robust components that are machined to high quality standards. What’s more, the technical components are easily accessible. Efficient technical support with minimal effort is therefore guaranteed.

Attractive design
The timeless design of the Vichy Prestige shower with its clear, elegant lines fits perfectly into your interior design.

A wellness experience for all your senses

The Vichy Prestige shower combines the features of the Vichy horizontal shower and the Balance wet massage table. It is suitable for traditional Vichy treatments as well as Ayurvedic and hot stone treatments, body wraps, and wet massages. The height of the Vichy Prestige shower can be adjusted to make it easier for the user to get in and out and simplify the work of the staff. With its heatable surface and the Starlight effect, the Vichy Prestige shower offers a wide range of treatment for sophisticated applications.

Area of application
Spa/ wellness, thalassotherapy, medical wellness

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