A woman enjoys a shower of water from above and strokes her hair back.

Whirltub for 2
from the Avantgarde design line

Two tubs in a design cladding with tiles.
The tubs can also be equipped for whirlpool or zone massage
Two tubs in a standard cladding with tiles.
For the use of two there are 2 separate tub bodies.

Product features

Excellent treatment quality
The Avantgarde partner bath has up to 150 water nozzles in 5 zones, making a zone-by-zone sequential massage with adjustable massage pressure possible. This guarantees an excellent, distinctive massage.

Easy handling
The control panel with clear and self-explanatory symbols on the function keys makes it easy to handle.

Hygiene made simple
The Avantgarde massage tub offers maximum convenience when cleaning. Automatic rinsing and disinfection programmes ensure the entire pipe and pump system is thoroughly cleaned. The smooth surface of the tub can be easily wiped with disinfectant to ensure good hygiene.

Maximum safety
The ergonomic body of the Avantgarde partner bath has long hand grips on the inside, a low entry height, adjustable footrest, and entry step to ensure maximum safety. The guest can get in and out of the tub with ease and enjoy a secure grip during the treatment, too.

In addition to top quality components of the highest quality standards, special components for healing water and aggressive media can be installed in the Avantgarde partner tub. This guarantees low maintenance requirements and a long service life.

Attractive design
The Avantgarde partner bath has tile backing material for customised tiling. The clear lines fit perfectly into your interior design.

Unique bath experiences for two

The Avantgarde partner bath offers a flexible overall concept that can be integrated into different architectural designs: the functionality of both tubs can be freely selected, their arrangement in the cladding system can allow users to look in the same or opposite direction, and the on-site tile cladding complements the interior design. The bath equipment is tailored exactly to the needs of the users: the shared bath experience can be celebrated in style in a calm bath. But there is also equipment available for a refreshing whirlpool massage or therapeutically effective zone massage with 150 water nozzles. An air-bubble bath with 50 additional nozzles, the Starlight effect with 150 light spots in 8 alternating colours, and extensive accessories round off the equipment options.

Area of application
Spa/ wellness, thalassotherapy, medical spa

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