A woman enjoys a shower of water from above and strokes her hair back.

Jouvence: Spa Sensations
dry floatation bed

An elegant bed for body wraps in the professional spa area.
Optionally, the whirlpool tub Harmony can have the starlight effect.
The control on the edge of the tub is clear and user-friendly
The air cushion of the floating couch is filled, a guest can lie down and receive a body wrap
In the edge of the couch can be provided 150 glittering points of light.

Product features

Excellent treatment quality
The gentle up and down movement on the firm surface of the Avantgarde dry floatation bed creates a floating effect on the pleasantly heated air and water cushions. The guest can thus enjoy a convenient and comfortable treatment.

Easy handling
The touchpad with buttons and self-explanatory symbols ensures easy handling of the Avantgarde dry floatation bed for a smooth treatment process.

Hygiene made simple
The surface of the Avantgarde dry floatation bed is protected during the treatment with fleece or foil. Smaller stains can be easily removed with a damp cloth and the surfaces disinfected. The covers of the surface, blanket and pillow are removable and machine washable. Long-lasting hygiene is thus possible.

Maximum safety
The Avantgarde dry floatation bed offers the guest maximum safety. When the air cushion rises, the legs are lifted first. This boosts the blood circulation, making it easier for the guest to sit up, usually with minimal staff assistance.

The Avantgarde dry floatation bed has extremely robust components that are machined to high quality standards. What’s more, the technical components are easily accessible for maintenance purposes. This ensures efficient technical support with minimal effort.

Attractive design
The timeless design of the Avantgarde dry floatation bed with its clear, elegant lines blends easily into your interior design.

Find peace in weightlessness

The Jouvence dry floatation bed is designed for soothing body wrap treatments that allow the body to regenerate and relax. The surface of the dry floatation bed can be adapted to the different treatment phases. At the beginning of the session, the user lies on a firm cushion of air – the ideal foundation for applying body wraps. Once the wrap has been applied, the air cushion gently sinks until the user rests weightlessly on the pleasantly heated water cushion. Floating calms and relaxes the body, improves blood circulation, and opens the pores of the skin: this enables the wraps to unleash their full effect. When the cushion of air rises again, the legs are lifted first to support and stimulate the circulation.

Area of application
Spa/ wellness, thalassotherapy, medical spa, therapy/ thermal bath, health resort/ rehabilitation

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