A woman enjoys a shower of water from above and strokes her hair back.

Harmony: Whirltub for baths for two

An oval bathtub for whirlpool massage
Harmony whirlpool bath offers space for 1 or 2 people
Optionally, the whirlpool tub Harmony can have the starlight effect.
150 glittering light points in the tub can change color.

Product features

Excellent treatment quality
Whirlpool massage jets and 150 light spots in 8 alternating colours provide a relaxing whirlpool massage while bathing in coloured light — a unique bath experience either alone or as a couple in the Harmony whirltub.

With easily accessible control buttons on the edge of the tub, the Harmony whirltub is easy to handle for both staff and end users in the suite sector.

The tub has an automatic rinsing programme which ensures the entire pipe and pump system is thoroughly cleaned. The smooth surfaces can also be easily wiped with disinfectant, making thorough cleaning simple.

The Harmony whirltub has robust components that are machined to high quality standards. What’s more, the technical components are easily accessible. Efficient technical support with minimal effort is therefore guaranteed.

Attractive design
The simple, oval shape with white cladding or customised tiling blends into the colour scheme of the interior design. The Harmony whirltub offers a high degree of freedom when designing your treatment room.

A sensual bath experience for one or two people

The Harmony whirltub cultivates the sensual bath experience – for one or two people: whirlpool massages with large ergonomically shaped massage jets and the relaxing interplay of colours from the Starlight effect* with 146 light spots in 8 alternating colours. One advantage of the Harmony whirltub is its versatile use as both a single and partner bath. When taking a bath for two, the users sit opposite each other, when bathing alone, a footrest can be integrated into the tub to provide comfortable support. The Harmony whirltub fits perfectly into different architectural concepts and can be either installed as a free-standing unit or with partial or complete tiling.

Area of application
Spa/ Wellness

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