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Stationary burn-care tub

Stainless steel tub for the treatment of burns has a large volume.
The tub body is long enough to also treat head wounds
The burn tray can be used in combination with an air tester.

Product features

Easy cleaning
The stationary burn-care tub guarantees simple, safe, and hygienic cleanliness. The smooth surface made of stainless steel and the console made of acrylic glass prevent the build-up of deposits and are easy to wipe clean with disinfectant.

Maximum safety
To protect against excessively high water temperatures, the burn-care tub is equipped with anti-scalding protection. This effectively limits the treatment temperature. Additional, electronic anti-scalding protection is available as an option.

Excellent hygiene
In addition to the extraordinarily robust surfaces, the burn-care tub can be equipped with an additional hand shower for cleaning. This is clearly recognisable by its red colour, and it aids the use of surface disinfection.

A clear control panel allows the therapists to concentrate fully on the patient. An easy-to-clean surface made of stainless steel, anti-scalding protection, and a hand shower for cleaning make their work easier.

The stainless steel tub body is resistant to many kinds of chemical or thermal disinfectants and offers excellent conditions for the hygiene that is critical in this sensitive area.

Gently treating wounds in water

The stationary burn-care tub is offered as a complete system with a lifter with stretcher or lifting system. With a width of 85 cm and an inner length of 240 cm, the tub offers plenty of space for wound care – even for the challenging treatment of head wounds or tall people. The tub for burn victims is equipped with a temperature display and anti-scalding protection. The tub body has slightly rounded corners and is made of high-quality acid-resistant stainless steel, which increases user comfort and makes it easier to clean and disinfect for maximum hygienic safety. There is a hand shower on each side of the tub for effective wound treatment.

Area of application
Hospitals, burn centres

Other versions of the product

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