A woman enjoys a shower of water from above and strokes her hair back.

Height-adjustable tubs for the nursing sector

A white lift care tub that can be lowered for a lifter
If the tub is lowered, the entrance is particularly easy
The staff raises the tub to a comfortable working height.
At the desk of the bath are located filling, hand shower and height adjustment.

Product features

Excellent treatment quality
The height-adjustable nursing tub offers a maximum of valuable independence to patients and guests. Once the tub has been lowered completely, an easy entry is possible even for patients with limited mobility. If necessary, an additional lifting device can be used for further support.

Hygiene made simple
The smooth surface of the nursing tub prevents the build-up of deposits and is easy to wipe with disinfectant. This ensures safe, hygienic cleanliness.

Maximum safety
The ergonomic tub body of the nursing tub in combination with hand grips in the inside of the tub, an extremely low entry height and an adjustable footrest offer a maximum of safety. The patient can get into and out of the tub easily and enjoys a reliable hold during the treatment.

A clear control panel allows the therapists to concentrate fully on the patient. The height-adjustable tub body can be brought to the optimum working height via two buttons.

All of the high-grade components used for producing the nursing tub apply to top quality standards. This guarantees low maintenance requirements and a long service life.

Comfort for patients and staff

The nursing tubs in combination with bath tub lifters are being used for bathing people with limited mobility. The adjustable height makes it easier for people to get in and out, but it also facilitates the therapist’s work. An individually adjustable footrest in the tub guarantees optimum support for the patient. Other optional features, such as the automatic filling programme, offer further support in the everyday work of therapists and nursing staff.

Area of application
Hospitals, nursing homes, retirement homes

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