A woman enjoys a shower of water from above and strokes her hair back.

Shower trolley for treatment and care

A mobile bed with high, waterproof backsplash for shower applications
The side wall is folded down for the transfer of the patient
The gray reclining surface is comfortable and has a drain
A shower panel and a sink can complete the shower trolley into a system.

Product features

Easy cleaning
The shower trolley guarantees simple, safe, and hygienic cleanliness. The smooth surface prevents the build-up of deposits and is easy to wipe clean with disinfectant.

Maximum safety
One of the long sides of the shower trolley can be folded down to safely transfer the patient. A stable rolling mechanism also makes it easy to move. The wastewater is precisely drained into the separately available drain sink.

The height-adjustable shower trolley can be easily set to the desired working height. A clear control panel on the separate hygiene centre allows the therapists to concentrate fully on the patient.

Optimum conditions for shower and wound treatments

The shower trolley can be used for both shower and acute burn treatments. It is offered as a complete system consisting of a height-adjustable shower trolley, shower panel and separate drain sink. The shower panel has a hand shower for disinfecting and cleaning and the temperature of the treatment is regulated by a thermostat. The stainless steel drain sink is equipped with a flushing rim.

Area of application
Hospitals, burn centres, care facilities, retirement homes

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