A woman enjoys a shower of water from above and strokes her hair back.

Butterfly tub

The butterfly tub offers a large volume of water
Individual water gymnastics can be done in the butterfly tub
The special shape of the butterfly tub allows the therapist to attend to the patient individually.

Product features

Top treatment quality
The butterfly tubs offer a wide range of treatments for rehabilitation and hydrotherapy. From individual underwater exercises to additional equipment for manual underwater massages.

Maximum safety
The ergonomic body of the butterfly tubs has long hand grips on the inside, a low entry height, adjustable footrest, and entry step to ensure maximum safety. Lifter systems can also make it easier to transfer the patient.

Hygiene made simple
The butterfly tubs offer maximum convenience when cleaning. Automatic rinsing and disinfection programmes ensure the entire pipe and pump system is thoroughly cleaned. The smooth surface of the tub can be easily wiped with disinfectant to ensure good hygiene.

Easy handling
Handling the butterfly tubs is easy and intuitive thanks to the control panel with clearly labelled symbols on the function keys.

The butterfly tubs consist of top quality components that are installed according to the highest quality standards. This guarantees low maintenance requirements and a long service life.

Plenty of space for underwater exercises

With an inner length of 190 cm and a maximum width of 203 cm, the butterfly tub is ideal for movement therapy and underwater exercises. Thanks to the butterfly shape and the comfortable height of 86 cm, the therapist can optimally support and treat the patient. Further equipment and furnishing options supplement the therapeutic treatment options in the butterfly tub. Powerful manual underwater massage equipment, air-bubble systems, and the underwater traction are available.

Area of application
Therapy/ thermal bath, health resort/ rehabilitation

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