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Large capacity tub for underwater traction

The hydrotherapy tub with large volume also has underwater extension
Underwater extension gently stretches the spine in the water

Product features

Top treatment quality
The spacious tub with lifting device enables the patient to be treated in comfort. With the patient resting safely on the treatment table in warm water, the therapist can apply and adjust the desired traction.

Maximum safety
The traction force is continuously adjusted using weights. This allows the spine to be gently and gradually stretched. The underwater traction thus ensures safe treatment of the sensitive spine.

Hygiene made simple
The underwater traction offers maximum convenience when complying with hygienic standards. The smooth surface prevents the build-up of deposits and can be easily and thoroughly wiped clean with disinfectant.

Easy handling
Clear controls enable the therapist to focus purely on the patient and the treatment.

The underwater traction consists of top quality components that are installed according to the highest quality standards. This guarantees low maintenance requirements and a long service life.

Gently stretching the spine in warm water

The underwater traction uses the positive effects of heat and buoyancy to gently stretch the spine. The ideal way to prepare for underwater traction is to relax the muscles in warm water. The belts for the chest and waist are then connected to the traction device. Traction force is applied as needed, based on the medical requirements. The patient’s body floats up and down in rhythm with their breathing, which gently stretches the spine and decompresses the intervertebral discs.

Area of application
Therapy/ thermal bath, health resort/ rehabilitation

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