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Enema: Tub for
colonic irrigation

A medical tub with couch and device for hydrocolon therapy.

Product features

Treatment quality
The ergonomic, suspended treatment table allows the person being treated to lie in a comfortable position. This relaxes the muscles, providing the best conditions for treatment.

The enema is performed using hydrostatic pressure. The height of the water reservoir is adjusted manually so that the pressure for the enema can be immediately reduced or increased. Because the pressure is not regulated by any technical systems, it can be finely adjusted to the patient’s individual needs.

The tub for the enema complies with the necessary standards of hygiene. The smooth surface prevents the build-up of deposits and can be easily and thoroughly wiped clean with disinfectant.

Easy handling
During the enema, the pressure is controlled manually. With interactive assistance, the treatment can be carried out easily and without risk.

The enema equipment consists of top quality components that are installed according to the highest quality standards. This guarantees low maintenance requirements and a long service life.

Sophisticated systems for colonic irrigation

When using the enema equipment, the patient bends their legs slightly while lying in a comfortable position on a special table in the tub. The irrigator reservoir is filled with water and fastened above the person so that the enema takes place solely through hydrostatic pressure. For optimal pressure regulation, the height of the irrigator reservoir can be smoothly adjusted depending on the treatment phase or the person’s preference. Fresh, thermal, or mineral water is used for the enema, and if indicated, medication can be added to the water.

Area of application
Therapy/ thermal bath, health resort/ rehabilitation

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