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CO2 impregnation units and additional equipment

A compact, wall-mounted apparatus supplies a tub with CO2-impregnated water
CO2 is dissolved in water in a cylinder with special packings

Product features

Maximum safety
The careful construction and selection of high-quality materials and components make the carbonation devices and trickle columns reliable components for everyday therapeutic work.

Easy handling
The carbonation equipment is straightforward and easy to use, so the therapists and technicians always have everything under control.

The carbonation equipment has robust components that are machined to high quality standards. Furthermore, the technical components are easily accessible, which guarantees efficient technical support with minimal effort and a long service life.

Carbonated water in no time at all

If tubs are to be filled with carbonated water, Unbescheiden provides the appropriate components. Whether a trickle column or smaller CO2 mixer, the professional accessories ensure that the CO2 is optimally dissolved in the water, providing a good foundation for the subsequent treatment.

Area of application
Therapy/ thermal bath, health resort/ rehabilitation

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